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Hanyo Public Relations team consists of expereinced journalists and editors. If you need a publication in German or Chinese we will offer you the best service.

What we offer:
  • new formulation of an article in German or Chinese
  • editorial translation of an article in German or Chinese
  • art director, graphic design
  • create brochures and magazines
  • print and ship brochures and magazines
  • design and implement corporate identity (business card, note paper...)
  • market research
  • strategy developement
Additionally we can take over media relations to chinese speaking media in Germany, Europe, China and Norhern America.
  • organize press conferences
Additional Service for you:
If you need short term or long term employees, feel free to ask.

If you plan small or big project, we always will find a solution for you. Just write your ideas and wishes, we will reply you a suitable offer.