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Minghui Schule
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We, Hanyo Consulting Team, will help you to develop and run your business in China and on the international market due to our competence and experience.

We cover all aspects like
  • contract negotiations and review
  • contract and document translation
  • searching for business partner as well in China as on other continets
  • project planning, project development, project realization
  • intercultural consulting
  • personnel consulting
Additional offerings:
  • instruction in intercultural trainings
  • language training, DO's & DON'Ts for daily life in China
  • chinese business partners
  • intercultural trainings for company management
Additional Service for you:
If you need short term or long term employees, feel free to ask.

If you plan small or big project, we always will find a solution for you. Our offerings are equal to the current tariffs. Just write your ideas and wishes, we will reply you a suitable offer.